The Top 100 Aquarium Blogs, Websites And Best FishKeeping Bloggers To Follow

A new post I am working on… Thought I would make my notes public and create a handy list of all the fishkeeping sites and aquarium blogs I’ve found so far. Have I missed any good ones?

Contented Fish - Top 100 Aquariam Blogs Feature Image

Reef Central

Reef Central Logo

Reef Central is an aquarium and coral information site, where marine hobbyists from beginners to advanced can exchange their knowledge.

Reef Central

What We Love: Reef Central has an excellent fishkeeping community forum! You’re sure to find fellow fishkeeping hobbyists with interests in common. They also have some calculators that are accurate and easy to use. Very useful for when you are aquascaping or planning a tank.

Unique Corals

Unique Corals Logo

About: Joseph Caparatta is the owner of UniqueCorals. He worked in the marine aquarium industry for over two decades. During his studies, he traveled, lectured, and learned as much as possible about fishkeeping.

Unique Corals

What We Love: Unique Corals has excellent, clear photos and endless advice on aquarium equipment. They have a web series called Water Box Battle, where people compete to make the best aquascaping in a small tank. Go check it out!

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Bulk Reef Supply by Andrew Duneman and Ryan Batcheller

Andrew Duneman and Ryan Batcheller from Bulk Reef Supply

About: Bulk Reef Supply, founded in 2007 by two friends, Ryan Batcheller, and Andrew Duneman, spend their time and effort to give helpful aquarium equipment solutions and sales to fishkeepers.

Bulk Reef Supply

What We Love: Bulk Reef Supply has helpful tips and tricks for keeping your fish happy. They have an excellent youtube channel full of fishkeeping videos, plus much more!

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JBJ Aquarium Products

JBJ Aquarium Products Logo

About: JBJ Aquariums is an online marine aquarium company. They sell almost everything you need to start a tank. Including user guides, a great support center, and lots more helpful features.

JBJ Aquarium Products

What We Love: The amount of photos and range of products JBJ Aquariums have is awe-inspiring! Their blog keeps you up to date with everything going on in the company, plus useful information.

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Reef Bum by Keith Berkelhamer

Keith Berkelhamer from Reef Bum

About: Keith Berkelhamer founded ReefBum, and his goal is to help the average marine hobbyist create the perfect tank. Keith shares his knowledge through photos and aquarium broadcasts videos. He hopes to inspire the world of marine hobbyists.

Reef Bum

What We Love: Reefbum often shares helpful and interesting articles on aquarium help. Keith also has a page including the different aquarium equipment he uses for his tanks.

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Reef Builders by Ryan Gripp

Reef Builders Logo

About: Reef Builders, founded by Ryan Gripp in 2006, focuses on the marine industry of keeping saltwater tanks.

Reef Builders

What We Love: They have fascinating articles full of facts on types of marine life in different places. There are also a ton of videos, from tank showcases to everything you need to know about a species of animal.

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Reefs Logo

About: is an online fish and coral forum including information on Reef Care for beginners and advanced aquarists, with reef equipment advice, DIY projects, and more!


What We Love: have an excellent fish forum and exciting marine news. This is a place where you can always learn something new! An excellent magazine and an app for your phone are some of the many great features.

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Aqua Nerd

Aqua Nerd Logo

About: AquaNerd posts about ocean discoveries, equipment notices, a gallery full of all their favorite aquarium events, and more!

Aqua Nerd

What We Love: They have excellent posts on aquarium equipment info. Also quite a few hilarious aquarium memes! Well worth a look if you need a laugh. 🙂

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Saltwater Aquarium Blog by Al Ulrich

Al Ulrich from Saltwater Aquarium Blog

About: Saltwater Aquarium Blog is an online guide to creating the perfect saltwater aquarium. They’ve got fact files on saltwater fish, tank guides/aquarium setup, and an aquarium book series.

Saltwater Aquarium Blog

What We Love: Plenty of helpful aquarium equipment reviews. Also lots of amusing articles about the author’s experiences as a fishkeeper.

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Melevs Reef by Marc Levenson

Marc Levenson from Melevs Reef

About: Marc “Melev” Levenson founded Melev’s Reef and has been an aquarium hobbyist since 1998. He talks about his experiences on his blog. He also loves Scuba diving and exploring natural coral reefs.

Melevs Reef

What We Love: Melev’s Reef is full of great articles, including equipment reviews, and info and facts on Mark’s tanks.

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Mad Hatters Reef by Jeff Hesketh

Jeff Hesketh from Mad Hatters Reef

About: Mad Hatter’s Reef was created by Jeff Hesketh, who aims to provide useful information about installing and maintaining saltwater aquariums.

Mad Hatters Reef

What We Love: Jeff has great facts on fish species, articles of his experiences, and a helpful guide for aquarium set up.

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Saltwater Aquarium Advice by Andrej Brummer

Andrej Brummer from Saltwater Aquarium Advice

About: Andrej Brummer is a biological scientist who has a great interest in the world of marine animals and plants. He grew up in New Zealand and Australia, and there learned a love for ocean conservation and aquarium keeping.

Saltwater Aquarium Advice

What We Love: Saltwater Aquarium Advice has vibrant, clear pictures, and lots of excellent aquarium advice, including maintaining your coral, disease solutions, and other helpful topics.

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Saltwater Smarts by Chris Aldrich and Jeff Kurtz

Chris Aldrich and Jeff Kurtz from Saltwater Smarts

About: Saltwater Smarts was created by Jeff Kurtz and Chris Aldrich to help fellow hobbyists create a successful saltwater aquarium.

Saltwater Smarts

What We Love: This blog has a unique page about an aquarium show called “Salt Speak.” In each episode Chris Aldrich (Co-founder of Saltwater Smarts) invites a fellow hobbyist to chat about topics related to the aquarium hobby.

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Red Sea Fish

Red Sea Fish Logo

About: Red Sea is an online aquarium source full of reef solutions, including aquarium equipment info, reef care products, and setup guides.

Red Sea Fish

What We Love: This site has excellent “reef recipes”, guides to set up your aquarium. They’ve also got great information on aquarium products full of all the facts you need to know.

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CORAL Magazine

CORAL Magazine Logo

About: In 1999 German natural history publisher Matthias Schmidt suggested to marine aquarist and author Daniel Knop to join him on creating an aquarium magazine. Their goal is to keep blogging on their online coral magazine and to give out useful aquarium advice.

CORAL Magazine

What We Love: Coral Magazine is an engaging digital publication full of issues on new aquarium equipment, aquarium news, and more exciting stories.

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Reef Nation by Justin Hester

Reef Nation Logo

About: Justin Hester is the founder over at ReefNation. Justin grew up in the southern coasts of Long Island, in NY. When he moved to the Midwest in the ’90s, that longing to smell salty air again was what guided to him to keep a saltwater coral tank and eventually start ReefNation.

Reef Nation

What We Love: ReefNation has excellent product reviews, a slick coral store, fish profiles, and loads more great articles.

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Freshwater Aquarium Blog by Cory McElroy

Cory McElroy from Freshwater Aquarium Blog

About: Aquarium Co-op has an extensive list of information on Reef keeping, including water chemistry, plant supplies, DIY, tank decor, product reviews, and more.

Freshwater Aquarium Blog

What We Love: This site has a vast range of helpful videos, including aquarium plant info, how to treat disease, fish recommendations, and other useful tips.

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Fishkeeping World

Fishkeeping World Logo

About: Fish Keeping World is an aquarium blog that can give you everything you need to know about freshwater fish keeping and aquarium maintenance. This site’s pieces are in-depth and well written.

Fishkeeping World

What We Love: This site has excellent fish profiles including saltwater and freshwater, and fishkeeping guides full of all the facts you need to know about your new slippery little friend.

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Aquariadise by Mari

Aquariadise Logo

About: Mari, a young woman from the Netherlands, has always been a keen aquarist. She set up her site to show Aquariadise focuses on freshwater fishkeeping, including aquarium set-up info, plant/fish guides, and more.


What We Love: Her site has a great design and an amusing logo. Aquariadise has excellent plant and fish care-sheets, including interesting facts and other helpful tips and tricks. She also has great product reviews to help you choose the best equipment to buy.

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That Fish Blog by Rick Amour

Rick Amour from That Fish Blog

About: That Fish Blog is full of aquarium advice, freshwater and saltwater tanks, aquarium FAQs and ponds and water gardens.

That Fish Blog

What We Love: This site has excellent guides to choosing aquarium equipment, freshwater/saltwater aquarium info, and great articles for pond-keeping.

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Aquarium Fish Blog by John

Aquarium Fish Blog Logo

About: Aquarium Fish Blog is a site all about aquarium care, plants, decor, and fish reviews. Rashed Ahmed is the writer at Aquarium Fish Blog and loves to share his tips and tricks and ideas.

Aquarium Fish Blog

What We Love: Aquarium Fish Blog has helpful fish reviews, aquascaping tanks, plant info, fish profiles, and a lot more useful articles.

Pet Guide

Pet Guide Logo

About: is a blog with information about cats, dogs, and fish, with tips and advice about all three. With Pet Care information and pet forums, will help you keep the perfect pet!

Pet Guide

What We Love: PetGuide covers a range of topics, including great aquatic plant, freshwater/saltwater aquariums, invertebrates, coral info, and loads of aquarium product reviews.

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My Aquarium Club by Michael Mokotov

My Aquarium Club Logo

About: My Aquarium Club has fish keeping FAQs, information about maintaining freshwater and saltwater fish, tropical fish, amphibians and reptiles, and more.

My Aquarium Club

What We Love: This site has super helpful articles featuring everything to do with keeping an aquarium; fish advice, fish/plant profiles including all the facts, and loads of other topics.

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Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium Logo

About: Oregon Coast Aquarium is a non-profit organization established in Newport, on the Oregon Coast. With their mission to create unique and exciting experiences that unite you to the Oregon coast, they are a passionate team focused on marine conservation.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

What We Love: This site has exciting experiences you can go to, such as animal exhibits, beach clean up days, and loads more inspiring events.

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Centreville Aquarium by David

Centreville Aquarium

About: Centreville Aquarium was established on January 1, 2000, provide information on freshwater and saltwater, fish species, plants, and sharks, and also have FAQs and reviews.

Centreville Aquarium

What We Love: A highlight is their clever homemade GIFS of the fish in their aquarium. They have a monthly post called “Fish of the Month.” Representing a new arrival in their stock, with plenty of information on the species.

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Aquarium Adviser

About: Aquarium Adviser is the marine aquarium hobbyist’s guide to the best products for fish, tanks, and equipment.

Aquarium Adviser

What We Love: Aquarium Adviser has great aquarium equipment reviews, including helpful guides, and info.

Aquarium Info

Aquarium Info Logo

About: Aquarium Info is an online guide to aquarium aquascaping, marine aquariums, fish information, and planted aquariums.

Aquarium Info

What We Love: This site has a handy “Beginners’ Guide,” including choosing the right fish for your tank, aquascaping basics, and a couple of DIY article guides.

Nippy Fish

Betta Fish Care Logo

About: Nippy Fish is a guide to all things about caring for Betta Fish. They have sections on fish behavior, equipment, and information to help you care for sick Bettas.

Betta Fish Care

What We Love: This site has heaps of useful information about Betta fish. They’ve got great tips about dealing with diseases, breeding, and behavior, and great info on what is the “betta” equipment for your fish. 🙂

Guppy Aquarium

About: Guppy Aquarium is a blog all about Guppy and Livebearer fish. They have topics covering Basic Fish Care, tank set-up, breeding, and also an Aquarium Fish Glossary Terms.

Guppy Aquarium

What We Love: This site has excellent info on designing your guppy aquarium, useful breeding info and, and some helpful care guides.

The Fish Bowl Guide by Ronnel Caluag

The Fish Bowl Guide Logo

About: The Fish Bowl Guide is all about caring for fish in a fishbowl. They have solutions to fish diseases and Fish Care on feeding your fish and cleaning your fishbowl.

The Fish Bowl Guide

What We Love: This site has excellent DUY guides to setting up your fishbowl, caring for your fish, getting rid of diseases, and other useful essential tips.

Goldfisho by Tim

About: Goldfisho writes about everything to do with goldfish. They have information on the goldfish diet, diseases, tank set-up, and other essential info.


What We Love: Goldfisho has an interesting article about the History of Goldfish, definitely worth a read!

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Molly Fish

Molly Fish Logo

About: Molly Fish is an online Care Guide that has information on types of Molly fish, how to care for a pregnant Molly, fish diseases, and the best tank mates.

Molly Fish

What We Love: This site has lots of essential info of the different varieties of Molly fish, great when in need of researching the facts!

The Cichlid Stage by Scott Wells

Scott Wells from The Cichlid Stage

About: Scott Wells is the founder of The Cichlid Stage and has been a marine aquarium hobbyist for nearly twenty years. With his preferred fish species being Cichlids, Scott is a freshwater aquarist.

The Cichlid Stage

What We Love: This site posts some fascinating articles featuring fellow fish lovers interviewed. Worth a read.

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Aquarium Kids by Evan Baldonado

Evan Baldonado from Aquarium Kids

About: Evan Baldonado is the founder of AquariumKids, is a Lincoln-Douglas debater, journalist, environmentalist, volunteer, science enthusiast, and coder.

Aquarium Kids

What We Love: AquariumKids gets kids involved with great activities about protecting the environment.

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Big Als Pets

Big Als Pets Logo

About: Big Al’s Pets is a fish, dog, cat, reptile, and bird care site. They have tank equipment, aquarium decor, feeding equipment, food products, and also products for other animals.

Big Als Pets

What We Love: This site has an excellent section for saltwater/freshwater aquarium advice, also including pond maintenance articles.

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Fish Tank Club

Fish Tank Club Logo

About: Fish Tank ClubFish Tank Club is a marine aquarium blog that has pond, fish and tank guides, aquarium supplies and several helpful reviews.

Fish Tank Club

What We Love: Fish Tank Club has some helpful guides, great when you’re looking for some tips on picking equipment/aquarium supplies.

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Aquarists Online

Aquarists Online Logo

About: Aquarists Online is a saltwater aquarium guide. This site has categories including marine conservation, DIY projects, articles about coral reefs, aquarium equipment, and more.

Aquarists Online

What We Love: This site has an excellent category full of DIY tips and tricks.

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Rate My Fish Tank

Rate My Fish Tank

About: Rate My Fish Tank has sections on maintaining your saltwater or freshwater tank, ideal tank set-up, a reef photo gallery, and more.

Rate My Fish Tank

What We Love: Rate My Fish Tank has sections on maintaining your saltwater or freshwater tank, ideal tank set-up, a reef photo gallery, and more.

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Logo

About: This site has excellent saltwater/freshwater guides, including aquarium set-up, equipment/supply info, choosing tank decor, and more.

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

What We Love: Practical fishkeeping is an online marine aquarium magazine, including the latest fishkeeping news, helpful tips on fish types, fish FAQs, aquarium equipment, and more.

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Tropical Fish Care Guides

Tropical Fish Care Guides Logo

About: This site has an excellent section for a fishkeeping Q&A, with helpful answers and advice.

Tropical Fish Care Guides

What We Love: Tropical Fish Care Guides cover articles on LED lighting tips, Betta Fish Care, aquarium filter advice, and tank set-up.

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Tropica Aquarium Plants

Tropica Aquarium Plants Logo

About: Tropica is an online plant care guide including sections for choosing the right plants for your aquarium, plant profiles and facts, an inspirational photo gallery, and more.

Tropica Aquarium Plants

What We Love: Tropica is a great online source if you’re looking for aquatic plant tips for your aquarium.

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Home Aquaria

Home Aquarium Logo

About: Home Aquaria is an online magazine that has articles on freshwater and saltwater fish info, aquascaping tips, aquarium gear, and helpful equipment reviews.

Home Aquaria

What We Love: This site has excellent reviews, helpful when you’re looking for tips on choosing tanks, aquarium supplies, etcetera.

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Seriously Fish

Seriously Fish Logo

About: This site has fish profiles, an aquarium term glossary and articles on aquarium news.

Seriously Fish

What We Love: Seriously Fish has a heap of fish profiles, helpful when you’re looking for facts.

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Aquarium Base

Aquarium Base Logo

About: Aquarium Base has pieces on freshwater and saltwater aquarium advice, cures for fish diseases, aquarium plant set-up, and aquarium product reviews.

Aquarium Base

What We Love: This aquarium blog has a vast range of useful product reviews.

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Fish Tank Setups by Jordan

Fish Tank Setups Logo

About: Fish Tank Set-ups has information on fish care, equipment reviews, and pond guides.

Fish Tank Setups

What We Love: This site has super helpful aquarium product reviews, including the pros and cons, and a load of info you need to know before you buy.

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Authority Aquarium by Chris

Authority Aquarium Logo

About: Authority Aquarium is a fishkeeping advice aquarium blog with articles covering freshwater and saltwater fish information, filter reviews, tank set-ups, fish diseases, and their cures.

Authority Aquarium

What We Love: Authority Aquarium has some excellent guides to setting up aquarium equipment, choosing the right tank, and other equipment reviews.

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Fish Tank Adviser

About: Fish Tank Adviser is an aquarium blog with help on LED lighting, equipment, filter reviews, and an aquarium FAQ page.

Fish Tank Adviser

What We Love: This site has some great info on Led aquarium lighting, and also some useful reviews for tank filters.

The Aquarium Guide

The Aquarium Guide Logo

About: The Aquarium Guide focus on posts about aquascaping your freshwater aquarium.

The Aquarium Guide

What We Love: With helpful tips planted tanks, The Aquarium Blog also has aquarium product reviews.

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Microcosm Aquarium Explorer

Microcosm Aquarium Explorer

About: Microcosm Aquarium Explorer is a global aquarium resource for people interested in fish species, aquatic plants, reef keeping, Eco-Travel, diving, and photography.

Microcosm Aquarium Explorer

What We Love: Great posts and a great resource on the great marine outdoors.

Aquarium Tidings by Matthew

Aquarium Tidings Logo

About: Aquarium Tidings is full of online information on everything aquariums.

Aquarium Tidings

What We Love: Excellent, well-written articles on tropical and freshwater fish, aquatic plant fact files, invertebrates, pond info, and aquarium news.

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Modest Fish by Chris

Modest Fish Logo

About: is full of care guides, tank advice, and aquarium equipment advice.

Modest Fish

What We Love: A great site to help you find the best ways to keep your fish happy and healthy.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium Logo

About: Monterey Aquarium, located in Monterey, US, has small online animal exhibits.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

What We Love: They have a lot of information, including fun facts, fish fact files and loads more to explore!

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Mystic Aquarium by Dr. Tracy Romano

Mystic Aquarium Logo

About: Over at Mystic Aquarium, you’ll find learning programs for all ages, animal experiences, marine conservation news, and lots more to find out!

Mystic Aquarium

What We Love: A great way to learn about the marine environment around you.

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Aquarium Of The Pacific by Robin Riggs

Aquarium Of The Pacific by Robin Riggs Logo

About: Aquarium of the Pacific, located in the US, is full of fun new things for families and adults to learn and discover!

Aquarium Of The Pacific

What We Love: Including info on marine conservation, the latest exciting news articles, animal exhibits, and more.

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Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium Logo

About: Shedd Aquarium was established in 1930, Chicago, the US They’ve got loads of fun experiences for all ages, including field trips, marine conservation lessons, and more!

Shedd Aquarium

What We Love: Interesting and interactive exhibits, they launch many conservation and research programs to protect and learn about sea life.

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Toledo Zoo and Aquarium by Anne Baker

Toledo Zoo and Aquarium Logo

About: Toledo Zoo & Aquarium is found in Toledo, in the US.

Toledo Zoo and Aquarium

What We Love: They have animal exhibits, conservation info, and experiences, including special events, programs, and more!

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium by David Yates

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Logo

About: The team at Clearwater Marine Aquarium are passionate about marine life rescue.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

What We Love: A centre for caring for and conserving wildlife, they make it their duty to discover and protect creatures of our amazing oceans.

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South Carolina Aquarium by Kevin Mills

South Carolina Aquarium Logo

About: South Carolina is where you can plan your visit to explore the aquarium, learn about marine conservation, and more!

South Carolina Aquarium

What We Love: Situated on the coast on the most diverse and busy oceans surrounding the US. There’s plenty to learn about the residents of the sea.

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New England Aquarium by Vikki Spruill

New England Aquarium Logo

About: Over at New England Aquarium, you can learn about aquatic animals on their blog.

New England Aquarium

What We Love: You can also explore their exhibits, and even volunteer at the aquarium!

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Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium by Dennis Pate

Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium Logo

About: This zoo and aquarium blog is where you can plan a visit to their incredible space.

Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

What We Love: Learn about animals through exhibits and fun facts, and learn about conservation and the green side of things.

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The Maritime Aquarium by Dave Truedson

The Maritime Aquarium Logo

About: Maritime Aquarium has special events you can go to, exciting marine news, experiences everyone can have, and more!

The Maritime Aquarium

What We Love: They’re passionate and a site for many conservation programs. Many are open to the public, where you can discover and volunteer for many different projects.

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Aquarium Of The Bay

Aquarium Of The Bay Logo

About: Plan a visit, explore animal exhibits, learn about conservation, there’s so much to do at Aquarium of the Bay.

Aquarium Of The Bay

What We Love: An excellent place, good to visit, both in their physical location and their website.

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Georgia Aquarium by Bernard Marcus

Georgia Aquarium Logo

About: Georgia Aquarium is a marine research and conservation centre as well as an aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium

What We Love: Their site is full of animal fact files, programs for all ages, conservation and research info, and lots more.

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Seattle Aquarium by Bob Davidson

Seattle Aquarium Logo

About: Seattle Aquarium focuses on educating people about Marine Conservation.

Seattle Aquarium

What We Love: An excellent site, with sustainability, conservation and education at its core.

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Aquarium Of Niagara

Aquarium Of Niagara Logo

About: Aquarium of Niagara’s goal is to broaden the public’s awareness of the natural marine ecosystems.

Aquarium Of Niagara

What We Love: A non-profit organization, they support conservation and wildlife centers all around the world with donations regularly.

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Vancouver Aquarium by Carl Lietze

Vancouver Aquarium Logo

About: Vancouver Aquarium’s goal is to protect the ocean by conservation, preserving marine animals, and more.

Vancouver Aquarium

What We Love: They’re an excellent place to learn about our wonderful oceans and waterways.

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Newport Aquarium by Herschend Family Entertainment

Newport Aquarium Logo

About: Learn about animals, go touch a shark, there are so many fun things to do and learn at Newport Aquarium!

Newport Aquarium

What We Love: Aimed at kids, plenty of fun, engaging and interactive exhibits for them. A great educational day out for everyone.

Find Newport Aquarium On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium Logo

About: New York Aquarium is focused on saving marine wildlife.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

What We Love: With animal exhibits, fact files and more, enjoy a visit to the New York Aquarium.

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New York Aquarium by Mr. Dohlin

New York Aquarium Logo

About: Aquarium of the Bay is where you can check out animal fact files, learn about conservation, and even plan an event in a beautiful aquatic scene.

New York Aquarium

What We Love: Excellent and fascinating animal info and interactions.

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Aqueon Logo

About: Aqueon is full of helpful tips, aquarium equipment info, tank set-up advice, and lots more.


What We Love: They offer an excellent fishkeeping community and newsletter packed with tips, tricks and more, called Making Waves.

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Marine Depot

Marine Depot Logo

About: Marine Depot is an online aquarium store full of aquarium supplies, fish tanks, and much more marine equipment.

Marine Depot

What We Love: An excellent feature is their extensive collection of ‘reef calculators’. They are an excellent resource to help you create and plan your aquarium set-up.

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That Pet Place by Rick Amour

That Pet Place Logo

About: That Fish Place/That Pet Place is an online store for pets.

That Pet Place

What We Love: They include everything you fish, dog, cat, bird, or reptile needs to live a happy, healthy life.

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Blue Fish Aquarium by Ben Van Dinther

Blue Fish Aquarium Logo

About: Blue Fish Aquarium is a locally owned and operated independent aquarium supplier.

Blue Fish Aquarium

What We Love: A perfect place to kickstart your aquascaping journey or buy a new addition to your already existing tank.

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Aquarium Zen by Steve Waldron

Steve Waldron from Aquarium Zen

About: Aquarium Zen is your online guide to the perfect aquascaping techniques.

Aquarium Zen

What We Love: Focusing on a unique type of aquarium, a living aquarium, it’s a tank, a living ecosystem and a priceless piece of art. Very unique and beautiful.

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Aquarium Depot by Scott Smith

Aquarium Depot Logo

About: If you’re looking for somewhere to make your pet feel more at home, Aquarium Depot is the right place for you.

Aquarium Depot

What We Love: They’ve got everything from reptile supplies, to saltwater/freshwater aquarium supplies.

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Biota Aquariums by Kevin Gaines

Biota Aquariums Logo

About: Biota Aquariums is an online aquarium store, including equipment, and the perfect tank for your home.

Biota Aquariums

What We Love: Excellent products, years of experience and quality high standards.

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Aquarium Adventure by Bill Wymard

Aquarium Adventure Logo

About: Aquarium Adventure is full of fish fact files, tank equipment on the store, and more.

Aquarium Adventure Home Page

What We Love: Easy to navigate and much information without being overwhelming.

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Congressional Aquarium

Congressional Aquarium Logo

About: Congressional Aquarium helps you on your journey of a fishkeeper.

Congressional Aquarium

What We Love: With info on saltwater/freshwater aquariums, they will help you create the perfect underwater world.

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Marineland Logo

About: Marineland is an online aquarium store, for all your marine pets’ needs.


What We Love: Quality and high performing filtration systems is their speciality, worthy of the praise they’ve received.

Find Marineland On Facebook | YouTube

Aquarium City

The Aquarium City Logo

About: Aquarium City is an online fishkeeping resource.

Aquarium City

What We Love: All sorts of content, including freshwater/saltwater fish, reptile, and coral fact files, a customer gallery, and other aquarium equipment.

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Winchester Aquarium and Pet Center

Winchester Aquarium and Pet Center Logo

About: Aquarium Pet Center is full of helpful info on how to help your pet live a happy, healthy life.

Winchester Aquarium and Pet Center

What We Love: They focus on all sorts of aquarium critters, not just fish. Great for if you’re looking to have more exciting or unusual dwellers in your tank.

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About: Tetra is an online petkeeping store for all your pets’ needs.


What We Love: Focusing primarily on fish and their wellbeing, excellent scholarly articles on everything you need to know on all types of fish.

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Pet Mountain by Gavin Mandelbaum

Pet Mountain Logo

About: Pet Mountain is chock-full of pet supplies, including products for fish, dogs, cats, birds, and more.

Pet Mountain

What We Love: A great place to buy food and aquascaping supplies for your aquarium set-up.

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Best Aquarium Instagram Accounts

Best Aquarium YouTube Channels

Flip Aquatics by Robert Lupton

Flip Aquatics by Robert Lupton


Steenfott Aquatics by Bob Steenfott

Steenfott Aquatics by Bob Steenfott


ADU Aquascaping by David O’Bryant

ADU Aquascaping by BucePlant


Challenge The Wild by James Morelan

Challenge The Wild by James Morelan


Aarons Aquarium by Aaron

Aarons Aquarium by Aaron


The King of DIY by Joey Mullen

The King of DIY by Joey Mullen


Reef Builders by Ryan Gripp

Reef Builders by Ryan Gripp


BulkReefSupplyCom by Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman

BulkReefSupplyCom by Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman


Mr. Saltwater Tank TV by Mark

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV by Mark


Tidal Gardens by Than Thein

Tidal Garderns by Than Thein


lafishguy by Jim Stime

lafishguy by Jim Stime



Saltwater Aquarium Radio | Jeff Hesketh

Saltwater Aquarium Radio by Jeff Hesketh


Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast | Aqua Alex

Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast by Aqua Alex


Aquarium Podcast | Cory McElroy

Aquarium Podcast by Cory McElroy


Aquarium of the Pacific | Lauren Harper

Aquarium of the Pacific by Lauren Harper


Pet Life Radio | Mark Winter

Pet Life Radio by Mark Winter


American Reef | Jennifer Hunt

American Reef by Jennifer Hunt


Aquarist Podcast | Randy Reen

The Aquarist Podcast by Randy Reed



You’ve just explored some of the best aquarium blogs on the web. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these blogs will hopefully inspire you, inform you, and help you create an aquatic paradise for your fish!


  1. Hey, great list you are making! This is a great idea and would make a great resource for both the beginner and experienced hobbyist alike!

    • Hi Scotty & Peanut 🙂 Thanks, really appreciate the feedback. I sure hope it does help people with their fish keeping. All you great bloggers out there are certainly helping me learn. Love your nano aquarium. All the best with your tank! See you on instagram 🙂

  2. Hi there, it’s Al, from SaltwaterAquariumBlog, just wanted to say thanks for including me in this very awesome listing. I was a ‘cichlids’ guy before I became all salty…they’re great fish. The ones that got me hooked were Kribs…they used to breed all the time. Thanks again!

    • Hi Al, glad to include you! Your saltwater articles are so useful – always full of great advice. Cichlids are fun too. Colorful and full of personality. Wish you all the best with your blog!


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